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dawn76   in reply to bookworm2011
thank you
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start your daughter with the "ABC's lets get ready to read"
after she uses this a few weeks, go on to the next section" learn to read"
she needs to get familiar with the sounds each letter can make and this is a fun and easy also free way to get her started. You can get her reading over the summer and catch up with her grade if you do it at least 20-30 minutes every day.
The materials Ill send you will help with her learning the letter sounds, Ill send you more after she is reading that can challenge her.
Work on the reading part first then the math, since its numbers its a little different but ILL also send you some math building worksheets, but reading is most important at this age, if she doesnt read well, she will fail in all classes that require her to read.
Let me know if you have questions talk to you later leslie
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